Monday, January 19, 2009

Having your Birthday on Inauguration Day...

It is a curious thing to have my birthday on Inauguration Day. I have had some great ones. On the day I turned 12, Iran released 52 US hostages who had been held for 444 days. That was a great day. President Reagan had spent the time leading up to Inauguration Day threatening Iran with all the force of the United States military. Carter said he brokered the deal the night of the 19th, but history shows they were afraid of Reagan, and rightly so.

So on my 40th birthday, Obama will be sworn in as our next president. I think his nomination was a con played on America's fears. But without a conservative on the ballot, he won, with 20 states. I don't know how much damage a president can do; I'm much more concerned with a liberal congress. But I do wonder if Iran doesn't see him like they saw Carter. In an attempt to be well-liked, you wind up looking weak.

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