Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Disneyland in a Day

After planning for 3 months, we hit Disneyland for one thrilling day. I used RideMax to optimize our ride schedule, which resulted in 28 rides in 14.5 hours. We rode until we didn't want to ride anymore. The Dole Whips were delicious and the weather, perfect. Because of the Give a Day promotion, we did it on the cheap. We had 6 free tickets!
Space Mountain for the third time makes Howard crazy! But we'd all be screaming in a few minutes. It was almost everyone's favorite ride of the day.

Paul is worried that Jack is going to spin him into infinity! And beyond! We all tried our best to pass out from the spinning.

The Haunted Mansion doesn't seem to be frightening the kids much. It was still early in the morning so we walked right in. That meant we missed the line that wanders through the graveyard. We didn't stand in many lines.

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Jessica Munk said...

ooo RideMax sounds pretty cool! I love how happy your family is :) I met and hung out with one of your old seminary students this weekend. Katrina Mills (her married name). She has long blonde curly hair and spent time in Australia a while ago . Her husband and Jon were friends in high school! So we'll probably see her more often at get togethers.