Sunday, May 22, 2011

Need a Little Christmas?

Our Row Robin group is a lively bunch of women who quilt like crazy! When we have Row Robin meetings, everyone brings a row. The picture above is a compilation of all the rows my friends made for me. Because I started with a Christmasy row, each row complemented it perfectly. For those of you in the Camano Island guild, bring your first row to the June meeting. For all those who would like to start up a Row Robin group, here's how we do it:

1. Plan a meeting time and place. Usually we meet once a month at a home, a restaurant, or a quilt shop.
2. Each quilter brings a row in a big bag or box. The row dimensions can be limited if you want.
3. The quilter can add fabric to coordinate with her row. This option makes the quilt more cohesive in the end.
4. The first meeting is a show-and-tell. At the end of the meeting, each quilter takes home a different bag/box.
5. Each quilter works on a row that complements the previous row/s. Do not sew them together.
6. Each subsequent meeting, during show-and-tell, the original row designer steps out. That way the final reveal will be a surprise. Switch the bags/boxes again so a different quilter gets to work on each one.
7. After 6 months and 6 switches, have a reveal party. Show off all your hard work and bring food!

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