Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Fused Work

I have been inspired by a quote from Laura Wasilowski, read at my last Design class. She simply reiterated the need to work. Get to your studio and put something together. I stew and draw and wonder before I start something. I think there is a place for that. Sometimes, however, it is great to just start putting fabric on fabric.

All fused, but not sure it is finished. Perhaps I should add a little more bright color out toward the border.
When I am not sure about a piece, I go cook something.

Something yummy, perhaps?

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Carol Maclaskey said...

I saw the image of this quilt...finished...on Pinterest. I think I've pinned it 100 times just to make absolutely SURE I have it pinned to look at later! It just makes my heart sing... beautiful