Saturday, September 27, 2008

Busy Saturdays

Last Saturday was so busy, it took till Tuesday to recover. The Primary kids had a pre-Sacrament meeting practice beginning at 9am and Frazier had band practice at 9am. That would have been fine if we didn't run out of gas 100 ft out of the driveway. Paul came and saved us and we were off. I was supposed to set up our tent for the Quilt show raffle quilt at the Harvest Jubilee by 8:45am, and you can guess that didn't happen till 9:30am. It was pouring down rain so we worked fast. Later in the day we rode the little train. Frazier enjoyed the warmth of the local library. Calvin performed on the outdoor stage, but I was playing for him on the electric keyboard so I don't have a photo. After the 2pm performance we goofed off at the thrift store until we needed to pack up the tent and go home. We all got home at 5pm and collapsed. Wouldn't you know, this Saturday is beautifully sunny at 70 degrees.

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